In 2008, I created this blog, and then parked it for 7 years. It’s one of many seeds I’ve planted during my life, which will lie dormant until my future self can reach back in time and bring them into being. That’s a long interval between the “create” button, and the “edit first post” button, but I’ve been distracted by creating the future. That is where the FaceThing took my writing and hid it “below the fold.” Now the words bubble back to the surface…


2015 July 17 Element 11 Regional Burn

2015 Aug 3 The Black Rock Saloon

2015 Aug 7 Ephemerisle

2015 Aug 25 Early Burn

2015 Sept 21 How I Spent Burning Man 2015

2015 Oct 19 Got Virtual Fire?

2015 Nov 15 Esalen Is Burning

2015 Dec 8 Rider on a Black Horse

2015 Dec 25 The Santa Claus Infection

2016 Jan 1  Black Rock Odyssey

2016 -2020 Brides of March (ongoing blog)

2016 April 25 The Tesla Tour

2016 May 1 Rust Belt Revival

2016 Dec 25 A History of Christmas- by Gerry Bowler

2017 April 20 The Future is now, at the Salton Sea

2017 May 21 The King is Dead

2017 Dec 9  A Badge of Honor

2020 July 30 Danger In The Mines
2020 Dec 8 The Hualapai Valley Gunfight