Just when you thought it could not get any weirder, we have the emerging art form of Schizo Edits. 

Loosely based on Dogme95, a 1995 avant-garde filmmaking movement founded by the Danish directors Lars von Trier & Thomas Vinterberg, who sought to create films based on the traditional values of story, acting, & theme that challenged the conventions of mainstream cinema.

One of the best descriptions of Schizo Edits is this description below from Miss White @cinecitta2030, an Italian archeo-futurist who dresses like a vestal virgin, listens to Guillaume Faye audiobooks, drinks negronis & always speaks in the future tense:

“Schizo Edits are a form of outsider video art. They have a feverish quality & a manic exuberance. Self taught artists produce these masterpieces in total isolation from the art world. Schizo edits are blood memories of greatness that bombard the brain. Esoteric motifs & symbols burst forth unrelentingly, unironically. Odinism, Esoteric Nazism, Acid Fascism, Hyperborea, Neopanagism, avians, time travel & the legend of Atlantis. This is like snorting Thulean crack at 120 frames per second. Schizo Edits look as if they’re made by psychiatric patients. It’s like watching a psychosis unfold in real time. They say if you stare long enough at a spinning sonnerad it will activate your ancestral DNA. Schizo Edits are a cathartic experience that resonate with the viewer on a primal level. It’s an MK-ultra attack designed to awaken the spirit. Schizo Edits are like dogma95 auteurs. Their work has that disquieting feeling of strangeness that is common to avant-grade filmmaking. Outsider artists care little for visibility, most of them work in obscurity. Will these masterpieces remain unknown on the fringes of the internet or will they break through to the mainstream consciousness?”

Now, sit back, hold onto your chair, next stop… The Twilight Zone.

Here is a 3-1/2 minuite Schizo Edit video by Kiki @kikiisknees. Click on the TwitterX link below & turn on the sound: 

Hypercaribbea: Magnum Omnibus